With PAPP UV Inside Out, designer Cantemir Gheorghiu has brought the flexible lenses to the front of the frame giving the sunglasses from the house of PAPP UP a rare futuristic look.

The frame made of a pressed wood avant-paper mixture is colored with foodstuff dyes. PAPP UV Inside Out fluently combines the 16 components hand made in Berlin and is a real eye catcher both inside and out. The follow up model provides great comfort due to the curvature of the lenses that adjust to optimally fit the reworked durable frame. The glasses are flat, made of one piece and sit firmly on the head with the help of the adjustable tension belt.

Extended flexible strap ends make your PAPP UV shades exist in your pocket whilst you sit down. They survive the occasional urban climb thanks to rubber-attached arms and no hinges. A razor thin margin remains around the lenses for the colour, the eyelets are labelled and the frame features a laser engraving. All just more details in the story of PAPP UV, whose development has become a sentimental journey for their creator.

Like all PAPP UV styles, those shades come with UV400 protection and polarising filters.

PAPP UV Inside Out Agent Black
PAPP UV Inside Out Agent Blue
PAPP UV Inside Out Agent Nature
PAPP UV Inside Out Agent Red
PAPP UV Inside Out Agent Yellow