papp uv vintage horizon

The PAPP UV are popular not only for their contemporary and minimalist design in two shapes and two different hues. They also have properties and advantages that ordinary sun glasses do no have. Made from an organic combination of wood and card board, the PAPP UV frame, is created from a single part and is thus lightweight and extremely flexible and resilient. So much so that they can easily be stored in a book or in a pant pocket without breaking. But there are also other characteristics make PAPP UV a favorite item for our times. With regard to sun protection, PAPP UV offers a UV 400 polarization filter, which is guaranteedĀ  by a certified optician. Another characteristic is that the glasses are coated with a hypo-allergenic and water repellent wood oil.The bendable aluminum temple tips can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect fit. PAPP UV takes great pride in the fact that it is both hand-crafted in Berlin, Germany and a sustainable product.

PAPP UV shades are an original, practical and an ideal eye-catching accessory for any sunny day.

PAPP UV Horizon Black
PAPP UV Horizon Bordeaux