31st March 2014
The release of the second generation of PAPP UV's follows the huge success of the first line of PAPP sunglasses with further improvements to their unique design and functionality. The designer Cantemir Gheorghiu has brought the flexible lenses to... more
22nd February 2014
After the successful PAPP UV release in London the innovative sunglasses design has now been selected for the Design Lab of Mido in Milan. On the Mido fair, international optical labels are exhibiting every year. It's the first time PAPP UP will be... more
28th January 2014
Shattered lenses, bent bridges, split rims, and of course the all too familiar dematerialised arms. Just when these common situations were finally being accepted by consumers as "charming in their own right", PAPP UV promptly demonstrated to us that... more
25th June 2013
Which do you support more: advancement in technology or human ecology? A brief moment of hesitation was sensed… Marketers have once again produced a futile accessory they have declared as rendering our lives more 'practical' - the infamous 'Google... more
24th May 2013
Are you feeling more Rihanna, or Madonna? Kanye or Beyoncé? Daft Punk or sexy hunk? PAPP UV is a contemporary take on the fast developing culture of the "celebutante" -  the highly idolised celebrity for reasons that nobody really knows. If there is... more
2nd January 2013
In 2010, Cantemir Gheorghiu invented paper glasses or as he likes to call them - Pappbrille (German for 'paper glasses'). A charicatured gag on society consisting of a pair of glasses without lenses in them that still manage to stay on your face if... more