23rd May 2014
PAPP UV big in Japan

megane begin vol. 16

30th April 2014

PAPP UVs newest collection in the Japanese magazine "Private Eyes"

26th April 2014
Outfit blogger Alessandra Kamaile

Fashion & outfit blogger Alessandra Kamaile has been shooting with PAPP UV Poet Black: http://alessandrakamaile.blogspot.de/2014/04/gato-loco.html

13th April 2014
Urban Monkey & PAPP UV Poet Black

PAPP UV Poet Black in an outfit post by Urban Monkey fashion blog http://urban--monkey.blogspot.de/2014/04/black-floral.html

3rd April 2014
PAPP UV at Zitty Berlin

Zitty Berlin is introducing Cantemir Gheorghiu and his latest product the PAPP UV in their sunglasses special. Summer, here we come …!

27th March 2014

PAPP UV in an outfit post in Stuttgart, Germany: http://franellee.blogspot.de/2014/03/chvrches-lies-tourist-remix.html

25th March 2014
Papp op je neus

Greenzine blog from The Netherlands reporting on PAPP UV: http://www.greenzine.info/blog/892/papp-op-je-neus

23rd March 2014
On a sunny Day...
20th March 2014
Spring has arrived and PAPP UV follows

PAPP UV Poet Black in a beautiful spring surrounding by the fashion blog Hypnotized http://www.hypnotized-blog.com/2014/03/yellow-yellow.html

17th March 2014
Skinnycature fashion blog & the PAPP UV sunnies

"As the spring has definitely arrived and we have totally sunny days it is high time to think about eye-wear. We hooked up with PAPP UV team to show you one of their creations – Poet Black Sunnies. You will never believe the gorgeous sunnies are made of an organic combination of wood and card board!!! http://skinnycature.wordpress.com/2014/03/17/skinnycature-for-papp-uv/

15th March 2014
We adore styles from Lookbook.nu!

We adore the styles from Lookbook.nu! Especially this one posted by Georg Mallner: http://lookbook.nu/look/5954657-Papp-Up-Uv-Poet-Black-Zara-Jogging-Trousers

13th March 2014
Win some Papp-up sunnies

Starecasers.com is giving you the chance to win some Papp-up sunnies! http://www.starecasers.com/2014/03/win-papp-uv-shades.html

3rd March 2014
The Poet

German fashion blogger Patrick is showcasing PAPP UV Poet: http://nevernotinspired.blogspot.de/2014/03/runde-sonnenbrille-pappuv.html#.U10D761_tXJ

2nd March 2014
Jonieblog Fashion

Fashion from a man for men: Jonieblog is introducing PAPP UV Horizon Bordeaux http://www.jonieblog.de/2014/03/gastartikel-von-betweensims/

1st March 2014
Urban Monkey fashion blogger

Outfit blogger Urban Monkey is introducing the PAPP UV Poet Black http://urban--monkey.blogspot.de/2014/03/papp-uv-poet.html

1st March 2014
PAPPErlapap! at Deutsche Bahn

German train company Deutsche Bahn is introducing PAPP UV in their online mag http://mobil.deutschebahn.com/uncategorized/papperlapap/

19th February 2014
Mondelliani Italiano!

PAPPUV sono occhiali da sole ecosostenibili realizzati con scarti di legno riciclato realizzati a mano Berlino: http://www.mondelliani.it/occhiali-da-sole-papp-uv/

15th February 2014
Roomie Japan




8th February 2014
Greendelicious is on PAPP!

German eco lifestyle blog Greendelicious announces new PAPP UP coup PAPP UV sunglasses: http://greendelicious.de/2014/02/pappup-sonnenbrillen-aus-pappe/

27th January 2014
PAPPBRILLE at Berlinale

Film critics at this years' Berlinale with PAPPBRILLE - In collaboration with German radio station Radio Eins: http://www.radioeins.de/themen/kunst_kultur/berlinale/aktionen/die-radioeins-kritikerbrille.html

17th January 2014
C'est un concept un peu "rock'n'roll"!

Fréquence Optic interviewed Cantemir Gheorghiu at Germany's biggest optical exhibition Opti Munichhttp://www.frequenceoptic.fr/voir-toutes-les-videos/videos/viewvideo/1017/evenements/opti-munich-les-coups-de-coeur-de-la-redaction-23.html

7th January 2014
FANTASTIC That's paper!

PAPP UV at the lifestyle blog of German newspaper WELT: http://press/27/Fantastic.Welt 01:2014.jpgfantastic.welt.de/von-pappe/20140107

4th January 2014
Trend 2014 at Fashionstreet Berlin

Fashionstreet Berlin clearly sees PAPP UV as the 2014 sunglasses trend: http://www.fashionstreet-berlin.de/sonnenbrillen-trend-2014-papp-uv-sonnenbrille-vom-berliner-label-papp/

14th July 2013
Fashion blog Dollpoupee

Fashion blogger Dollpoupee is styling PAPP UV in a gorgeous way: http://dollpoupee.com/funny-sunglasses/

8th June 2013
German taz is testing PAPP UV
5th June 2013
Ma Petite

Stylist and fashion blogger Ma petite fille jolie is having a stunning look with PAPP UV Poet Red: http://mapetitefillejolie.blogspot.de/2013/06/ma-petite-for-nowistyle-part-4.html

28th May 2013
Wir lieben Pappe

"Wir lieben Pappe" schoenhaesslich blog is a fan and we are groupies of schoenhaesslich http://press/61/Schoenhaesslich.de 05:2013.jpgschoenhaesslich.de/2013/papp-uv/

23rd May 2013
In German GALA

Gala loves PAPP UV... and we love Gala!

22nd May 2013
Strikes Magazine about PAPP UP
17th May 2013
Shreddable Shades

"Originating as a whimsical ensemble accessory, PAPP UP's Pappbrille (German for 'cardboard glasses') took the preppy world by storm as lens-less paper glasses to give faces a fashionable edge. Now, with hipster glasses at an all-time high on the trend scale, PAPP UP have upped their game from a novelty gimmick to a prominent player in the sunglasses stakes with the innovative PAPP UV pair." http://www.departures-international.com/home/style/womens-fashion/shreddable-shades.html

13th May 2013
Model Vita
13th May 2013
It's all about PAPP

German fashion-und-lifestyle.de blog is all over PAPP UP http://press/62/fashionundlifestyle.de 05:2013.jpgwww.fashion-und-lifestyle.de/papp-up/

9th May 2013

Fashionlinxx is announcing the german press information on PAPP UV http://www.fashionlinxx.de/news/papp_uv_sonnenbrille_made_in_berlin-346.htm

8th May 2013
PAPP UV - Sunglasses made in Berlin

02elf Abendblatt is announcing the german press information http://02elf.net/pressemitteilungen/papp-uv-sonnenbrille-made-in-berlin-103094

3rd May 2013
Bright.nl Vol van vernieuwing

"Plat opvouwbare zonnebril met UV-filter" http://www.bright.nl/plat-opvouwbare-zonnebril-met-uv-filter

7th March 2013
Papp up your life!
5th March 2013
Metro Mode Man

Metro Mode Man from The Netherlands says "RECYCLEBRIL"

3rd March 2013

Newspaper NRC WEEKEND from The Netherlands is introducing PAPP UV as "Zonnebril uit restmateriaal"

1st March 2013
Des lunettes en carton

"On peut s'amuser avec des lunettes de toutes les couleurs... où la dentelle peut remplacerles verres. C'est ce que propose une jeune société berlinoise Pappbrille. Vendues quelques euros, en magasins ou sur Internet, ces drôles de montures font le buzz sur facebook et ont déjà une clientèle fidèle."

27th January 2013
TZ Munich

TZ Munich is reporting on the latest trends seen on optical fair Opti Munich

17th January 2013
From Pappbrille to PAPP UV
11th January 2013

FRAME MAGAZINE has been reporting about the inventions of Cantemir Gheorghiu from the very beginning. Here they are one of the first to introduce the PAPP UV: http://frame.misterspex.de/2013/01/11/papp-uv-pappbrille-fur-den-sommer/

8th January 2013
Zalando Fashion News

Sustainable fashion trends 2013: PAPP UV at Zalando's fashion news http://modenews.zalando.de/nachhaltige-modetrends-fur-2013/

5th January 2013
4th January 2013
PAPP UV at PAGE Online

PAGE online about the latest coup of Cantemir Gheorghiu, the PAPP UV sunglasses http://www.page-online.de/emag/kreation/artikel/papp-uv-die-pappbrille-fuer-die-sonne?cid=2#emaganfang

18th November 2012

PAPPBRILLE in a Japan blog http://blog.suetsugu-taiyodo.jp/?cid=49451

11th January 2011
Hey ihr Pappnasen
24th November 2010
Die Pappbrille, cei mai cool ochelari
19th October 2010
Must-Have Pappbrille
17th October 2010
No not Coco Chanel


15th October 2010

"Die Pappbrille – o idee care ti-ar fi putut veni si tie" http://www.hypestreet.ro/die-pappbrille-o-idee-care-ti-ar-fi-putut-veni-si-tie/2010/10/15/

29th September 2010
Ciao Romania


18th September 2010
Moda Die Pappbrillen

Pappbrille in Romania

17th September 2010
"Die Pappbrillen" au ajuns şi în România

"Nebunia creată de ochelarii de carton ai lui Cantemir Gheorghiu nu a fost numai o poveste de-o vară, pe la petrecerile berlineze." http://www.evz.ro/die-pappbrillen-au-ajuns-si-in-romania-906257.html

16th September 2010
Printblogger & PAPPBRILLE

"Die Pappbrille als unschlagbarer Modetrend?"

2nd September 2010
Cardboard Eyewear-The Better To eyeEco With

Optical Vision Resources dot com reports on PAPPBRILLE: http://opticalvisionresources.com/cardboard-eyewear-the-better-to-eyeeco-with

1st September 2010
Pappbrille - Aus Papier mach Geld

"So simple und doch so genial kann Entrepreneurship sein." http://www.fruehaufstehen.de/2010/09/pappbrille-aus-papier-mach-geld/

24th August 2010
Eco glasses & PAPPBRILLE

Lilligreen is on the way to eco glasses & PAPPBRILLE http://www.lilligreen.de/holzbrillen-und-andere-nachhaltige-varianten/

17th August 2010

The editors of FRAME MAG by Mister Spex are visiting PAPPBRILLE office http://frame.misterspex.de/2010/08/17/pappbrillen-der-neue-trend-aus-berlin/

14th August 2010
Realitatea Romania

Romanian press "Un tânăr român, devenit celebru la Berlin după ce a inventat ochelarii Look Hot" http://www.realitatea.net/un-tanar-roman-devenit-celebru-la-berlin-dupa-ce-a-inventat-ochelarii-look-hot_730432.html

13th August 2010
Romania Online
12th August 2010
PAPPBRILLE becomes a Romanian Insider
12th August 2010

"In numai sase saptamani, ochelarii din carton ai lui Cantemir au creat un fel de manie la Berlin, mai scrie Deutsche Welle." http://www.ziaruldeiasi.ro/mozaic/un-tanar-roman-celebru-la-berlin-dupa-ce-a-inventat-ochelarii-care-ofera-un-look-hot~ni6jl4

12th August 2010
Noul trend la Berlin: PAPPBRILLE
12th August 2010
Cantemir Gheorghiu & PAPPBRILLE in Romania

"Berlinezii cred ca accesoriul cu iz de anii 1960-1970 confera un “look cool”, are chiar efect placebo, spune inventatorul ochelarilor.El a pregatit si o colectie pentru vara 2010." http://audculori.com/stiri-mondene/ochelarii-look-hot-inventati-de-un-roman-la-mare-cautare-in-berlin/

12th August 2010
Ladies and gentlemen: "Die Pappbrille"
12th August 2010
PAPPBRILLE berlinezi

"Un tanar roman a inceput o afacere cu ochelari de carton in Germania care, in scurt timp, a devenit o adevarata moda printre berlinezi." http://www.cancan.ro/actualitate/intern/un-roman-a-devenit-celebru-in-berlin-dupa-ce-a-lansat-moda-ochelarilor-de-carton-118207.html

11th August 2010
Mediafax about PAPPBRILLE

"Un tânăr de origine română, Cantemir Gheorghiu, a devenit cunoscut peste noapte în Berlin datorită unui produs pe care l-a "inventat" pentru a-i face pe oameni să arate "hot", ochelarii din carton - Die Pappbrille": http://www.mediafax.ro/life-inedit/un-tanar-roman-celebru-la-berlin-dupa-ce-a-inventat-ochelarii-look-hot-6851790

11th August 2010
DC News Romania

DC News Romania is reporting about Cantemir Gheorghiu and the PAPPBRILLE

6th August 2010
DW Romania about PAPPBRILLE

"Berlinezii sunt dependenţi. Iar românul Cante - viitor milionar din carton" DW Romania is reporting about PAPPBRILLE http://www.dw.de/berlinezii-sunt-dependen%C5%A3i-iar-rom%C3%A2nul-cante-viitor-milionar-din-carton/a-5869685

26th July 2010
PAPPBRILLE at Berlin newspaper BZ

BZ is reporting about PAPPBRILLE as the most trendsetting fun accessory this summer http://www.bz-berlin.de/archiv/der-totale-durchblick-article931843.html

5th July 2010
PAPPBRILLE at German newspaper ZEIT

Journalist Tina Groll discoveres the PAPPBRILLE for happy people! http://www.zeit.de/karriere/beruf/2010-07/modetrend-pappbrille

5th July 2010
Paper town Berlin

Papierstadt (German for paper town) features PAPPBRILLE: http://www.papierstadt.de/2010/07/05/pappe-zu-geld/